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sachin tendulkar

Enjoyed exchanging learnings and interacting with @NACIN_OFFICIAL's bright Officer Trainees during a Leadership Ser…

1 day ago

Larry Elder

With all of Chicago's leftwing firepower--Obama, Ayers, Rahm, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Jesse, Wright--why isn't it a shining city on a hill?

1 hour ago

Amandeep SinghBhogal

Is that the same bright scientist Professor Hawking who said "Corbyn cannot win a general election and should resig…

21 hours ago


Trabzon 1-0 önde Kaos Yükleniyor @Fenerbahce

just now

el 🌻🌻

@gallagh3rs i literally don't even know what to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH it's so bright and i'm still proper self conscious what people think

1 second ago

아자! 지민

@Shining_Dyeong 그러게 시발 좃같은 새끼들 출근 안하는지 존나게 시켜먹네

3 seconds ago

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