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Jim R Jones

GSM....Lover of God's Word.

1 month ago

Only me

RT @jermainlaforce: What happens when you take @kalilinux + @P4wnP1 script + Raspberry Pi zero w + your own open-source GSM/Data Network ?…

1 month ago

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Mark Ruffalo

Dear @AjitPaiFCC , 83% Americans (75% Republicans) support #NetNeutrality. Why then are you so cravenly jamming th…

1 month ago


RT @Pocky_Sweets: 机にiPhone置いたらめっちゃ滑って床に画面から落ちたけど、保護フィルムが割れただけで画面は助かった!みんな本当にありがとうううううううううううううううう!☺️

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