Gt Kombucha tweets

Anayah Rose

@kellyhogaboom I like gingery kombucha. GT's Trilogy was my favorite.

7 years ago


Coincidentally I am ALSO drinking a kombucha! Just like @kellyhogaboom - I am trying this hibiscus flavor from GT's Enlightened.

7 years ago


Hey, #greenbay. Where can I get Kombucha tea? Specifically, GT Dave's?

7 years ago


GT Trilogy kombucha, tequila and lime. You. Just. Have. To.

7 years ago

Market 17

Today's #staffpick2012 is from owner/general mgr Alan Yee: GT's 'Trilogy' Kombucha drink. "I drink this 5 days a week!"

7 years ago

Jim McFarland

Whole milk and GT's Kombucha. (@ Mountain Mama Natural Foods)

7 years ago

Sarah Stanley

@alex_j_meyer I try to drink a kombucha a day. GT multi-green with or without chia seeds :) #wellnesschat

7 years ago

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