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Ralph Northam

I served 8 years in the Army, took care of sick kids, and am running to build a more inclusive Virginia. Don't talk…

1 month ago

B.I.E. Felicia

Remember what I said about media portrayal of Black women. This woman is now dead. They lead with a mugshot, but us…

1 month ago

Louis Theroux

Et voila! I did it in quite a serious mode. I guess it felt like a pretty important story. @louistherouxbot

1 month ago

Chris Montaño

RT @KJTorrance: If you need to avoid being alone with women to treat them with dignity and not violate their rights, no rule will make you…

1 month ago


RT @seanhannity: Guess;Mueller and Media working hand in hand. Media to be tipped off. Mueller was FBI Director Who knew of Russian crimes…

1 month ago