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Guess who's the least popular premier across Canada

1 day ago


VIDEO: @Camila_Cabello on @justinbieber, becoming a @GUESS model & being single >>> #etalk…

2 days ago

Angie Resistor

RT @PalmerReport: My guess is Schiff becomes CA Senator after Feinstein retires (though I don't want Feinstein to ever retire). https://t.c…

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Samuel by the river

RT @californiaglow: @CA_Dem @EricBauman What's up?! I guess @Rendon63rd doesn't care that 70% of CA supports #SB562...that's not gonna work…

6 minutes ago

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Mikel Jollett

The men the left want the child on the right to give them his money. THAT is the AHCA.

1 day ago

Kamala Harris

What “cutting Medicaid” really means: less resources for kids with disabilities in schools & less support for many seniors in nursing homes.

1 day ago

Ijeoma Oluo

Women: no amount of selfies will make you as vain or self-centered as the random dude who thinks you need his opinion on them.

1 day ago

Rhea Recasa Roxas

RT @KaDs_Bukidnon_: These kids also deserve a round of applause for giving us a good laugh and for making us cry 👏 #LaLunaSangreAngPaghahar…

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