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In honor of the studio that’s brought us so much joy. Our hearts are with you, KyoAni 💕 Find out how you can help:…

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Thank you for everything, Kyoto Animation. 💌 #PrayForKyoAni 🌸 More:

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Here's a list of ways you can support Kyoto Animation, the studio that has given us so much, in their time of need.…

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RT @knockknock0408: [HQ] 190720 BAEKHYUN cr.COURAGE_BH rvfxrrys @weareoneEXO

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RT @BESTFRIEND__92: 190720 #CHANYEOL #BAEKHYUN ❤️ #EXplOration #EXplOrationinSeoulday2 [CR : zozoxoxoboyz]

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