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Today's Amrit Varsha

2 hours ago

Bhagtu Ram

RT @Manishdas787: @gurumaa @YouTube #ज्ञान_हो_तो_ऐसा जो ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, महेश, दुर्गा और ब्रह्म तक कि भी उत्पत्ति बता दे, इनके दादा और परदा…

3 hours ago

Krazy Zexy

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry - HU - The Zikr by Anandmurti Gurumaa (New) |

10 hours ago

Phoolwanti Jhrbade

RT @TEJRAMSHARMA16: @drarchikadidi #असली_गीता_सार गीता सार को जानें संत रामपाल जी महाराज के सानिध्य में @SrBachchan @RajatSharmaLive @dhruv…

13 hours ago


@gurumaa Nice Satsang maa.

15 hours ago

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[#2018MAMA] #LikeMAMA #LikeBTS #RM Adding sincerity to music and sharing the stories this world needs. That is my…

1 month ago

Justin Bieber

Living in the US I see how this country affects not only people here but all around the world. There are so many th…

1 month ago

Jordan Raspookylos

2% of the world’s population has red hair 2% of the world’s population has green eyes 2% of the world’s population…

1 month ago


RT @DavedLugo: @SYFY 18 million tweets should matter here then. We took over social media for months with our campaign. We pulled our money…

1 month ago

Yasmin Dunkley

I certainly stand with the "entrenched Aids establishment" which "pokes its nose shamelessly into people’s private…

1 month ago