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@cha_han123 もう夕方なのに、まだ32℃もあるよぉ( •́ㅿ•̀ ) お疲れ様です!仕事終わりました?

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@shirokuma_MHW こっちは辛うじて30℃! でも、あちぃよー🌞💦

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تعبت من الابر والمسكنات يارب معد فيني اتحمل معد فيني طاقه.

32 minutes ago


الواضح رجعت لي الانيميا صحتي قاعده تتدهور تدريجياً من هالنفسيه الخرا.

39 minutes ago

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Bernie Sanders

There's a reason why Nikki Haley has tried to discredit the UN report on poverty in America. It's because in the we…

14 hours ago

Nate Lerner

Trump keeps screaming about the "immigration crisis" but its all a lie and scare tactic. The total # of illegal im…

13 hours ago

Brian Schatz

I just heard about a restaurant kicking Sarah Sanders out of a restaurant and it’s got me thinking that Democrats h…

1 day ago

Astra Dent Dental Tourism

The Difference Between A Dental Bridge and Dental Implants What is a better implant or bridge? Of course, at the fi…

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Yogi Adityanath fn

RT @eyesole__: #IRN vs #POR preview, lineup, odds, betting tips, and prediction. Read here👇♥️ #WorldCup #IRNPOR

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