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@NiallOfficial Another day was in a shop of animals when I saw a hamster at the time I remembered what you did to him to Harry's hamster xx


7 years ago

Forever 1D :,

Photoset: niall-the-irish-hamster: omfg harry is practically in niall’s lap!  http://t.co/d9cXjFYu


7 years ago

amylicious. :

@NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles as long as you guys are awake, might as well dance to the hamster dance http://t.co/5nuZCxLx


7 years ago

sean brereton

@HarrySmith102 harry the hamster can. If I say to you "I turnt around to him and said watch your back" could we have a serious conversation?


7 years ago

Alexia Styles

@LaurieBerland I contributed for the best name ever! Zayn-Niall-Harry-Louis-Liam;) The hamster is very lucky!**


7 years ago

Niki Edwards

@Chloegrant wowza's poor Harry the Hamster !!!


7 years ago


@Real_Liam_Payne i had a hamster named after you and the other one was harry but harry was a girl and he ate you then died of indigestion um


7 years ago

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