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Boogie Bousins

Lakers signing a slew of veteran reserves and twitter acting like they’re going to be playing 45 mins a night and d…

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Yal dont be like this in public or Publix tho

2 minutes ago

Linda Ford - SCCGG

Troughs looking lovely at Cin Cin Southcourt Lane in Deal. Why not pop in this afternoon at 5pm for some great live…

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Veronica McCluskey

Ma 70 year auld next door neighbours milk has genuinely been lyin ootside his door for 6 days noo n he’s defo no aw…

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the deplorable hunter

RT @KRIGrube: It's been so long that I actually forgot what it was like to really enjoy a soap. Time will tell if my move is temporary or p…

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teleSUR TV

#Irán El presidente Hasán Rohaní calificó las elecciones de #Venezuela como "exitosas, tranquilas y saludables" →…

1 month ago

El Economista

El presidente de Irán, Hasan Rohani, dice que las reglas cambiaron para Estados Unidos, "El mundo ya no acepta que…

2 months ago


RT @diarioAFC: El periscopio | بابلو غويدي يرغب في إقناع لورنزو رييس لاعب أونيفيرسيداد دي تشيلي بـ "البترودولارات" للذهاب إلى كرة القدم في…

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RT @UMITGUVENDIREN: Soner Yalçın: "İktisat ve siyaset hep el eledir. Hatalardan ders çıkarmanın tek yolu: Ekonomi-politiği bilmektir! Ekono…

1 month ago