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Bobby Umar | Keynote Speaker

Best deals for April 7: Samsung Gear S3, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, and HP Pavilion laptop

47 minutes ago


@Marshall5Sharon It's only worth buying a 4k TV if your going to watch/use 4k content on it.. Like a PS4 Pro or Ne…

1 day ago

Nathaniel Enochs

@Gray_FoxZ33 @t8styham @Griffin_Gaming I have a PS4 Slim, Switch, PSTV, Xbox One (without Kinect), and a Windows 10…

2 days ago


@SaikoWaifu2003 i agree tho i must admit i owna os4 again but just the standard one as i feel the pro is overpriced…

2 days ago


@DavisASheryl @fairheritage At one point I had Titanic on D-VHS tape a format that only worked with early model Pan…

3 days ago

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