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Tara Windwalker

well said ... she's was trying to explain a difference, an emphasis, a "weight" that's given to Al-Qaeda vs some ot…

1 month ago

❤Elissa Renee❤

information on head scarves PS

1 month ago

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Candace Owens

Dear Antifa, The year is not 1960 and I am not Ruby Bridges. Your threats of violence do not scare me. I will be w…

1 month ago

Hillary Clinton

Millions of Americans will put tax checks in the mail today. Meanwhile, the secretary of the treasury and head of t…

1 month ago

allie carlson

RT @callme_selena: Y’all not slick... Dr. Jackson Avery, head of Plastics came up with this

1 month ago


RT @srithh: Eat these vegetables...boon to diabetic patients

1 month ago