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Taimur Khan Jhagra

2. Universal basic health insurance is already available to all citizens of the tribal districts, & through this pr…

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Deric4ever 🧢

@AarikaSamone Public option for health insurance would be a start. Paid for by a VAT or sales tax with some sort of…

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Lucifer means Lightbringer

@ChrisBeKing Every other developed nation has some sort of universal health care, and they ALL spend far less per p…

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@cebsilver @GlennF @ChuckWendig For the record, this was the sort of hilarious Saturday morning conversation I was…

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Fyodor Garibaldi

RT @FrMatthewLC: Best line, "I'm having a lot of difficulty communicating my point to get rationally, and it comes out sort of petty." Do y…

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