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@NoSeJodeJuego con una hamburguesa de 9 pisos que hacen en

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@DravenSS @ThatKevinSmith @VeggieGrill Not picky at all. The food at Veggie Grill is delicious! But after my heart…

1 month ago

Michael Sullivan (not Joel McHale)

@NRA Newsflash: Heart Attack Grill owner tells Doctor's to "stay in lane" about heart health.

1 month ago

Keeley Proudfoot

I liked a @YouTube video Heart Attack Grill With Hungry Fat Chick • MUKBANG

1 month ago


@Khaljiit @nachodaddylv @ACardiacAttack I tagged the wrong heart attack you’re actually going to want the Heart Attack grill

1 month ago


The Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant in Las Vegas offers free food to anyone who weighs more than 350 pounds (160 kg).

1 month ago