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Today we begin a journey that will take us into the hearth of darkness. The League of E.V.I.L. will be making their…

4 days ago

soft coward hours

and I shall only celebrate the fruit of you." Afphera, high on her dynasty, looked at the peer before her, drooling…

6 minutes ago

soft coward hours

HERES A SERIOUS ONE IM SORRY: "Oh fill my burden, Temptress of woe, for your fiery hearth need the key of its lock,…

6 minutes ago

Barbara Graner

RT @FishInWaterProd: “A soul trembling to sit by a hearth so bright, To exist again, it’s enough if I borrow from Your lips the breath of…

8 minutes ago

Wendy E. Slater

"Every time I read this masterpiece, I fall in love with it all over again." ☄   An excerp…

10 minutes ago

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