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Thank You @hsuniontown Uniontown PA for your Editorial in support of injured & ill 911 responders and survivors.…

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Leftee Clothing Co.

Southpaw Lady, Bailey Parshall making her dreams come true!

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VJR Electrical

Dont believe the hype that only white males are gun owners. Law abiding gun owners are the host accepted people aro…

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Jason Rollison

And finally, you can catch my writing at: - (Check out my column ev…

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【公式】Fate/Grand Order

【カルデア広報局より】 2019年3月20日(水)18:00より「幕間の物語キャンペーン 第8弾」開催!ぜひ、この機会に開放条件を満たし、お気に入りのサーヴァントの物語をクリアしましょう!詳しくは→…

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Rachel Clarke

Dear @theresa_may, 🇪🇺 I’m not tired. 🇪🇺 I want to vote in the EU elections. 🇪🇺 I want a second referendum. 🇪🇺I w…

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【4/24 EP6大型アップデート!】EP6配信を記念して抽選で60,000ACやノートPC、WebMoney 100,000Pointなど豪華賞品が当たるTwitterキャンペーン開催中!本ツイートをRTして抽選に参加しよう!詳…

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Rakan Tekun

RT @asia_newstoday: Chinese pair take figure skating world crown, Russians second and third #News #Sports https://t…

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RT @JackPosobiec: @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews Ukrainian dossier source worked for Soros

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