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Tom Fitton

Hey, #marchforourlives, gun control won't do much to save lives. Broward County docs rooted out by @JudicialWatch f…

8 hours ago

David Yankovich

Hey @realDonaldTrump Real crowds show up to fight for the good and the great in this world, not to celebrate you.…

2 hours ago


Hey MANILA!!!! My show at @CoveManila is only a FEW WEEKS AWAY!! Be sure to get your tickets NOW!!!…

1 day ago

for real?!

@kcinthomas lmao you’re at that show at Vapez? Tell Genosha I said hey, they’re cool dudes

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Tyler Brendall

Hey I’m playing a game called HQ Trivia. You should play too. Use my code 'Tydog99' to sign up

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