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Barb McQuade

Hey, Mueller, look over here. @Maddow has found the collusion. Follow the sanctions. If this whole cable news show…

1 month ago

David Sirota

Hey all the “but Bernie isn’t a Democrat!” folk: did you ever consider the possibility that his independence is par…

1 month ago

Dee Madigan

Today’s parliament. Can’t show your arms if you’re a woman or a backbone if you’re a PM. Hey Scotty?

1 month ago


RT @jujutsu_PR: 【告知動画解禁!】#呪術廻戦 コミックス3&0巻、ついに本日4日(火)発売!それ- を記念し、本作を紹介する動画の第1弾をアップしました!五条- 役を演じるのは中村悠一さん!告知動画の常識を超える(!?)- ハイクオリティな映像をぜひご覧ください。第2弾は6…

1 month ago


RT @LyndsayRowley: Hey fans! I’ll be on @NHLNetwork at 3:10CT/4:10ET today to talk #Preds! Tweet us a question and I will answer one on the…

1 month ago

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