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Joe Walsh

Hey - how ya doin? Our 1st show tonight here in Antwerp. Hope to see ya as we travel through Europe and the UK!…

11 hours ago

Bill Mitchell

Hey guys, Victory is in sight! I'm gonna be fighting hard for Trump right through 11/3/2020. I need your support…

9 hours ago

Wes Hodkiewicz

This has been my biggest takeaway from today - how many lives Bart Starr touched. The guy took a TON of pictures wi…

12 hours ago


RT @museftz: Hey everyone, I’ve recently started this online makeup selling thingy, it’s on a vv smol scale for now so it’d highly encourag…

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Michelle YoungE

@marvadawn301 @codeofvets Hey Marva Hope you're ok after the memorial day. I saw footage of the Vietnam battles. I…

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