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Maddow Blog

"The lawmakers ... asked Mr. Comey if he could accelerate the FBI investigation." #Maddow

2 weeks ago

Sarah Kendzior

Expect more of this as well. US following model of transition to autocracy. This is usually when persecution of pre…

2 weeks ago

Clint Watts

Something to think about for a moment - White House said removing #Comey will accelerate end of Russia investigatio…

2 weeks ago


RT @ProfessorBLove: My mom in law has been painting her entire life. She is amazing. Lol Finally convinced her to take commissions & sell p…

2 weeks ago

muralidhar patra

@NewIndianXpress .Very often commissions &enquiries have been to save the govt,delayed to reduce tense in public .Kalinganagar etc.

2 weeks ago