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Primal Gojira

@counter__hit @bjko5678 @pushsquare Well on the PS3 store, most of the PS1 games are there. Every game I look up ar…

1 month ago

Latest tweets that mention “Forex Trading Australia - Everything You Need To Know About Online Trading”


Like many of you, we felt the need to do something to help Australia. For every RT this gets we’ll donate $0.50 to…

1 month ago

Candace Owens

I don’t speak Farsi but I hope this reads: “Effective immediately, we will begin trading far-left radical, anti-Ame…

1 month ago


GOT7 Mark “OUTTA MY HEAD” Released Online: QQ Music KuGou Music ku…

1 month ago


RT @bjorkasmr: This trading spaces episode still makes me laugh so hard

1 month ago