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Jed Mercurio

If a public official was so brazenly bent in Line of Duty, AC-12 would nick him in the first five minutes. No wonde…

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B/R Football

Mario Mandzukic was injured and unavailable to play for AC Milan in March. He asked not to receive his salary for…

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Filbert the Squirrel

RT @Gorfit0: I drew the boy #filbert #AnimalCrossing

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RT @JJ_hodoke_: 【#創作ユニゔぇ~る生_合同公演】 うちのこの公演を作りた- い& 他クラスの子とも公演したい気持ち・勢いだけで開催しま- す! 募集期間は22日23:59までで、 グループ発表は2- 4日の夜頃予定 概要は画像に! ぜひご参加ください😘 - ↓ほか、詳しく…

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