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Lambdadelta Umineko

A new kingdom has been established from the ashes of the old kingdom! Thank you, Hologfx, you are our hero!

1 day ago

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Edward Snowden

"When the lead developer explained the project to his young children, they found another use for it: 'We’re going t…

3 weeks ago

Fate/stay night

【Fate Project 大晦日TVスペシャル 2017放送・配信決定!】 12/31 22時からFate Projectの特番として「Fate Project 大晦日TVスペシャル2017」の放送・配信が決定いたしました!…

3 weeks ago

Shekhar Gupta

Our politics is broken for a while. Excluding a chief minister from inauguration of a major infra project in his st…

3 weeks ago

블락비 | 꿀 to the 벌 웽웽

RT @BLOCKB_JAPAN: 【JAEHYO】Block B PROJECT-1 Singleに収録されている #ジェヒョ ソロ曲 Bus Stop - feat. Naoko Tanaka Music Videoが解禁されました‼️ 改めて、ジェヒョさんHAPPY BI…

3 weeks ago


RT @innesmck: hey If you're able to take time off for the holidays, it's ok to do nothing. You don't have to have a side project. You don'…

3 weeks ago