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Colin McGovern

@klillington @HOMETIME_music I think it’s exactly your point. I’m inferring you think that the shutdown of discussi…

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الجبر خوارزمی

@klillington @cmcgovern @HOMETIME_music In general terms, I've interpreted the complaint as ignoring the concept of…

23 minutes ago

الجبر خوارزمی

@klillington @cmcgovern @HOMETIME_music I think it's more plausible to interpret as “not see political parties repr…

25 minutes ago

الجبر خوارزمی

@klillington @cmcgovern @HOMETIME_music It took you mentioning the vote for me to understand what concerned you; un…

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@klillington @cmcgovern @HOMETIME_music I would have thought the recent and well-documented travails of UK politica…

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