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Donald Trump Jr.

And this right here is exactly what’s wrong with CNN and the rest of the #FakeNews media. If you’re skeptical abou…

21 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr.

You’d be much more credible if CNN’s two biggest bombshells about me had any merit at all. Your network ran with th…

19 hours ago

Dan Bongino

Media Malpractice Continues: Network News Coverage of Trump in 2018 was 90% Negative, ICYMI

3 hours ago

The Bunker Mentality

@RMP13Hawks @MikeConti929 I appreciate that a lot. It really is different to do the show and basically be ridiculou…

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À reculons/classée n•876 зачарованный classe (??)

@PlesseSbastien1 @jacques_renard @GaccioB C'est drôle que tu racontes ça à quelqu'un qui a travaillé en France pour…

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