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Michael Clifford

I hope you guys love Jet Black Heart. it's probably the song I'm most proud of us ever releasing

1 month ago

5 Seconds of Summer

Thank you so much for voting for 'She's Kinda Hot'!!! You are the best! #ShesKindaHotVMA

1 month ago

Harry Styles.

Loved the show in Milwaukee. Thank you for having us. So much @packers love. Hope you enjoyed the it. H

1 month ago


Skrg gak perlu jauh-jauh untuk membeli Batu Kecubung di Tokopedia banyaak #TokopediaHotList

1 month ago

롯데자이언츠 응원가 봇

오~ 오오오 롯데~ 오~ 오오오 롯데~ 오~ 오오오 롯데~ 챔피언 영원한 우리 꿈 (Forever Giants 中)

1 month ago