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How cool is it that a 7,000-year-old woman has been found in Sweden, possibly a shaman! 👵🏽 (sensitive viewers are a…

11 hours ago

Marina Amaral

This 7,000-year-old woman was among Sweden's last hunter-gatherers https://t.c- o/PZqJfPCm3Z

4 days ago

National Geographic

Buried on a bed of antlers and adorned with ornaments, this woman was a special member of her community—but why?

4 days ago

Vicky Woodburn

RT @NASASCaN: The new season of the 'Invisible Network' podcast is here! Check out the first episode, Hunter-Gatherer, featuring interview…

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clarence beets

@sarasneeze @dsng My wife can't either. She describes it as "tasting like battery acid", and my favorite "if I wer…

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