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Smithsonian Magazine

A forensic artist used 3-D scans of the hunter-gatherer’s cranium to envision what he may have looked like in life.

1 week ago

My furry Friend

Important Dog jobs: The firewood gatherer! Is your dog a hunter or a gatherer? #dogsoftwitter #AllStars5 #sleep

22 minutes ago

Arantxa Štefan

@pseudospiral first have a breakthrough in corona discharges research, then maybe you'll get a went back in time to…

40 minutes ago

Hiyoko Tosaka

A hunter-gatherer's body is her way of life, so maybe I'll go running today!

50 minutes ago

Loisujaki Mooshe

RT @BeautfulAfrica: Their life style looks similar to Khoisan of Kalahari Desert South Africa and the Sandawe of Kolo-kondoaIrangi. They ar…

58 minutes ago

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