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Ben Collins

The guy the president retweeted has a TON of sock puppet accounts, some of which were recently deleted or renamed.…

13 hours ago

Chris Fillar

Saying LeBron is 100% staying or 100% leaving always seemed dumb to me. A ton can happen in the course of a year to change either decision

5 days ago

Tom Haberstroh

NBA made the dreaded 4-in-5 extinct & protected 22 marquee games where neither team is on B2B or in 5-in-7 or traveling a ton in wk prior.

1 week ago

Mr. Shah of Iran

@Kzoo_Gazette I was passing there like a minute or so after accident. didn't see the actual accident. That lady is gonna get a ton of money.

8 minutes ago


What if I got a ton of appends?? What theme would their names be based around? Maybe candy? Or beverages?

8 minutes ago

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Kurt Eichenwald

W/ GOP tolerating Trumps DAUGHTER representing US at G-20, they can never again criticize anything a dem does. This is an unprecendented low

1 month ago


KARD Debut Showcase "Hola Hola" Method of application Please confirm the application period…

1 month ago

Crys ♡

Tomoe/ako story... I'm betting ako ran himari gacha and tomoe rinko event? Maybe rinko and himari will be switched but they're my 2* bets

1 month ago


RT @KARD_Official: 카드 데뷔 쇼케이스 이벤트 with 네이버 뮤직 #KARD #Debut #Event #Naver_Music

1 month ago