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Cannabis Culture

From Hydroponics to Robotics, a Medical Cannabis Grower Took Starmetro Through His Process From Seed to Harvest…

1 month ago

ZeroW Garden

18Aug01_23:24:36, 5279.00 lm, 88,92,81 RGB, 25.56 degrees C, 1010.85 hPa, 47.0 percent humidity #hydroponic #garden…

1 month ago

zoë ('king) [; ; ;]

RT @tweetvanbar: Growing Better sets up indoor farm at Chapeltown in Leeds via @blmforum @AliAkborUnity @Growing_Be…

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The case of the PhD, nor wearing the top stories by : “How to learn some resistance

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Audrey L. Poe

50-Pack 2 #inch #Garden Slotted Mesh Net #Cups, #Heavy #Duty Net Pots w/ 25 Pcs Plant Labels, Wide Lip #Bucket…

1 month ago

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Deryl Covey

Just saw this on Amazon: Hydro Plus Grow Tent Kit 60'x48'x80' 2-in-1 Indoor Plants Growing Dark Room Non Toxic Hut…

1 month ago