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Richard Engel

US officials tell me Trump wants to wash his hands of responsibility for the Kurds. The US mil/gov gave Kurds REPEA…

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Patricia Arquette

Here is the list of all the republicans who voted to censure Schiff so you can donate to the Democrats running agai…

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【お知らせ】  陸上自衛隊は、#即位礼正殿の儀 の政府予行に、#礼砲 部隊が参加しました。「#万歳」の発声に空包の発射のタイミン- グを合わせるため、合図を伝達する要領について入念に予行しま- した。日々の練成の成果、高い技術を要する礼砲…

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Maggie Allen

RT @BestForBritain: ‘I want to speak out on behalf of all those who do not share this gov’s vision of a mean-minded little Britain with our…

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Karen Sisk

RT @GOPLeader: There are just 22 legislative days left this year. Will Democrats do the legislative work that needs to be done? Our weekly…

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