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Chris Roetter

Any bit of advice I could give. Do the opposite. Your energy is so valuable, don't surround yourself with people that bleed you dry of it.

3 hours ago

Calum McSwiggan

Life is too short for negativity. I don't hold animosity towards anyone. If you wanna hate me, that's fine, but you can do it by yourself.

1 week ago

Real Marsha Wright

Say these 4 things to yourself daily 1. I'm the best💪 2. I can do it🙋🏻 3. I'm a winner🔥 4. Today is my day🎉 #success #motivation #hustle

2 days ago


RT @TangledKians: okay i'm actually gonna do it now, RT to be in a knj gc 💖 - must stan the whole house - always be supportive - always be…

1 minute ago

Bec Hill

RT @adamhess1: Whoever painted a picture of me and left it on the stage today please make yourself known so I can reward you or I'll have t…

1 minute ago

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@BreitbartNews I don't care if you want anAbortionPay4 itYourself if UwantBirthcontrolTake Responsibility4YourBody IDont believe in Murder

2 months ago