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Chris Hayes

Short version: the President recited a completely fabricated (and ludicrous) statistic about immigrant murders toda…

1 day ago

Kyle Griffin

The Mexico-based Volaris Airlines says it will reunite migrant families separated by Trump's zero-tolerance policy…

1 day ago


Trump's new executive order presents Americans with a false choice: Either tear children away from their parents, o…

1 day ago


RT @nohkunho: MS-06S ZAKU-II X Racaseal Redria #MS06S #ZAKU2 #Racaseal #Redria #plamodel #kunho…

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RT @Wear_Blossom: [RT추첨] 🌸 반집업 & 멜빵 코디 세트 🌸 반집업 상의와 멜빵바지가 코디된 상품이에요 💕 각각 다른 옷과 매치하기도 좋은 옷이랍니다! 가운데 자수와 라인이 포인트인 반집업은, 편하게 데일리로 입기 좋을것 같아요…

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