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RT @44Suns: divided by all my seeming selves my hurts my dirt my desires I smirk grounded here founding the towers Ibuilt up torn down n me…

1 day ago

Dreck Mublacks🇿🇼

@tudzaa Btry ndorakafa hnty ibuilt ini

5 days ago


You cant tarnish what iBuilt only God cud snatch this from me 💯 #Blessed

1 week ago

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Scott Dworkin

BREAKING: House Democrats are weighing multiple options to reopen the government once they take over a week from to…

2 weeks ago

Laura Ingraham

An illegal alien kills a LEGAL immigrant police officer in California—and network coverage minimal to non-existent…

2 weeks ago

LoveLandi ♊❤

RT @_LOVE_briNicole: A family-oriented man is a major turn-on . Hands down .

2 weeks ago


@frl_a 上がるのでせいいつぱい

2 weeks ago