Ielts tweets

Rabi Tabari ♥•♡

Really how was it :D?"@AbuEzio: @Raby_Tabary I just finished ielts"

7 years ago

Ilia Lewinski

I should not have passed IELTS. It was the bad idea. And I'm ashamed with myself. Thank u for attention blyat'.

7 years ago

Ephis Edijala

“@MissLaughAlot__: Done with IELTS. :)”so u laff alot???

7 years ago

That Cray Girl

Done with IELTS. :)

7 years ago

سلطان المسيند

In my way to IELTS test wish me good luck guys, plz :-)

7 years ago

Bobo Ahmed

@Raby_Tabary I just finished ielts

7 years ago


@AbbyYenChern oh god what are those.. Can't you take ielts?

7 years ago

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