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Are you having a laugh ? @iflorist All this money for these 'Premium Flowers' ? This is a joke.

1 month ago

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This is Bassie. She was told to blink once if she accepts her role as flower queen, ultimate goddess of yard happen…

1 month ago

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi

These are the people attacking us. Washing their faces with camel urine and drinking it for divine blessings, then…

1 month ago

Bernie Sanders

In 2016 voter turnout was only 46% among voters under 30 compared to 71% of voters over 65. Young people do not th…

1 month ago

Sumona Jass

USDQ bargains on the secondary market at the price of 1 dollar for 1 USDQ, respectively traders interact with this…

1 month ago