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aj tracey

im a very confident person but i get anxious/feel down sometimes, and not a lot of males wanna admit or speak on th…

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Paul Joseph Watson

Trump tested perfect on a cognitive test. Doctor "Absolutely no cognitive, mental issues whatsoever. He is very sh…

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RT @speed400k: 최길용 (시인, 한국문학세상) 원적 골 탐방로 탐욕 가득한 뱃속 비우려 단풍 사이로 웅장한 산 바라보며 오른다.붉은 잎 빛 받으니 산은 생기 넘치고 ​아기나무 산속 곳곳에 심겨져 붉은 미소 산에 울려 퍼지고 https:…

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Dili Amin

RT @MiguelDelaney: Piece on Mino Raiola, the man holding up the Sanchez transfer - or, as he would say, the Mkhi transfer - and how the way…

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