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Rajoy had to choose between being labeled a dictator or being ridiculed for inaction — and he chose the former

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本日全国各地でメジャーデビュー12周年を祝し「Perfume Day」スペシャル店頭企画を実施中‼️ご来場頂きますとうち- わをプレゼント😊過去作品を購入or「Perfume Clips 2」の予約でクリアファイルをプレゼント‼️詳細…

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【公式】『Love or Not』

🎉「Love or Not」プレゼント企画🎉 「Love or Not」直筆サイン入り台本を5名様にプレゼント🌈✨公式Tw- itterをフォロー&この投稿をRTした上で、番組- HPの応募フォームからご応募ください💓お待ちしております🌟- 🌟

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RT @kibun_kitchen: 「あなたはパクチー 好き or 苦手」リツイートキャンペーン実施中🌟 本当のトコロのあなた- の気持ちを教えてください!フォロー&リツイートで応募完了!- 苦手な方はこちらをリツイート 詳細はこちら→https:/- /…

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RT @politico: .@jimmykimmel says @BillCassidy “either doesn’t understand his own bill or he lied to me” https://t.c…

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Beşiktaş JK

Gary Medel İçin Vodafone Park’ta İmza Töreni Yapıldı #Beşiktaş

1 month ago

Alice Workman

BREAKING: Barnaby Joyce just told House of Representatives that NZ High Commission told him he may be an NZ CITIZEN.

1 month ago

30 Bucks

RT @janeenorman: #BREAKING New Zealand Government has confirmed that under NZ law, Barnaby Joyce is a NZ citizen #auspol

1 month ago


RT @toby_etc: Idea: If Australia repeals all laws discriminating vs resident NZers, NZ passes law revoking citizenship of all elected to Au…

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