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RT @tx_success_sou: 「テレビ演劇 #サクセス荘」 フォロー&RT企画第3弾🐎 サー(- #荒牧慶彦 さん)直筆エリザベス🐴プレゼント 💫応募方法💫 ①番組公- 式(@tx_success_sou )をフォロー ②こちらのツイートをリツイート! 締切7/- 30まで…

2 hours ago


RT @Ariyanaaganee: Me when I respond after a month and I still get a response 😂😂😂

14 hours ago


RT @mayla_classic: ■365日プレゼントキャンペーン<7/17 夜の部>■ \フォロー&RTで応募完了/ フェデ- リカ mayla classicのアイテムを1名様にプレゼント🎁 ▽応募詳- 細はこちらから RC 締切…

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RT @esensationss: imagine you get married and u see a spider and u start screaming and your husband screams with you

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RT @1real_taco: “Who gone use their card and we cash app them “ *Everyone with cards *

1 day ago

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Donald J. Trump

The White House will be hosting a very big and very important Social Media Summit today. Would I have become Presid…

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Becker Friedman Institute for Economics

How do changes in housing voucher design affect rent/neighborhood quality? @Voxdotcom examines affordable housing p…

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