Image Capture tweets

Xavi saavedra

Capture the moments that other person cant see!! #IsLaw

11 years ago


Maudie Hunziker liked Image Capture of Very Powerful Thunderstorms: To do so, the photographer must really be…

11 years ago

Kellie Underwood

I just sat here and thought about how cameras work. How do they capture an image forever?! So interesting and impossible to explain ******

11 years ago


image you capture i cute too,I like

11 years ago


@RegiSor Tobey just didn't capture Peter Parker's image in my eyes.

11 years ago

Jordan Piper

There's no better way to learn, than by experience. I love being challenged to think "outside the box" to capture a quality image.

11 years ago

Ormond Art Museum

Janett managed to get very close to Hank (or Harriet) to capture this image:

11 years ago

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