Imperial To Metric tweets


@_angie01 The only math I’ll willingly so is for work: converting metric to imperial and adding measurements. Anything else, forget it. LOL

8 years ago

Daniel Mason

@tweetiebeattie hehe, just reading this now, I trust someone has corrected your imperial-to-metric conversion by now :-)

8 years ago


Will metric and imperial conversions be given to us tomorrow?!

8 years ago

David Na

Americans make science so much more annoying because they make us convert from imperial units to metric units ugh

8 years ago

Marisela Hunnicutt

IMPERIAL 14170-1 METRIC HEX HEAD CAP SCREW 10.9": "IMPERIAL SUPPLIES" SCREW 10.9 Metric Hex Head Cap Screw. 1...

8 years ago

Henry Woo

@ozdj Any truth that getting Americans to switch from $1 notes to coins would be like getting switch from imperial to metric? #plasticnotes

8 years ago


@StimtasticAspie @HardAspie Hmm, perhaps the same as what happened to imperial measurements when metric was introduced (in my country).

8 years ago

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