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when you have a bunch of white kids screaming 'build the wall' at indigenous folks it's very apparent that 'the wal…

1 day ago

Ava DuVernay

Many want to know who the kids are, particularly the one trying to stare down the elder. Those kids have already to…

1 day ago

Patton Oswalt

I want #NathanPhillips to be the only name that's remembered from today's ugliness. Nathan Phillips. Not the horde…

1 day ago

Ashleigh A. Haynes

RT @BreeNewsome: Every time white racism shows its a** we gotta go thru this inane exercise of folks acting like they don't know where it c…

9 hours ago


@CorTraditionis @LaCatholicState @DouthatNYT My bad. These kids are not bigots.

9 hours ago