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Despite Trump's promises, it looks like the Keystone pipeline won't have to be made out of American steel after all…

3 weeks ago

Mark Berman

Trump claims his phones were tapped. If they were, it means a federal judge found probable cause of foreign activit…

3 weeks ago

Matthew Champion

how news works: Thursday: Conservative radio show says Obama sought Trump wiretap Friday: Breitbart reports this S…

3 weeks ago


RT @news_line_me: ドリフ、12年ぶりコントで"全員集合" 志村「自信ついた」 ザ・ドリフターズの志村けん、加藤茶、仲本工事、高木ブーの4人が15日放送のフジテレビ系「志村けんのだいじょうぶだぁスペシャル」でコント…

3 weeks ago


RT @nhk_news: 【速報 JUST IN 】長野県の防災ヘリが墜落の情報 9人搭乗か 確認急ぐ #nhk_news

3 weeks ago