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Yvonna castanier

RT @NotyourMissM: "Then let's say she's alive. What if she won't comeback?" "Then we won't come back, I'll stay where she is." "What if s…

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Me compré una lapicera de cactus, estoy inlove 💛🌵💛🌵💛🌵💛🌵💛

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@GregoryPacks Hi! We just returned from our trip in Hong Kong and my wife fell inlove with your bags. Popular over…

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RT @AlabastroPearl: Almost 4 months since we have met and still inlove the way we used to. thank God 💖 i really miss you na zer! see you so…

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RT @Itsmesishleyy: Not all relationships nangyayari yung comeback after nila mag break ng matagal. Comeback happens when the both of you ar…

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