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Squid 'Fight Fascists' Vicious

@TilsLatimer I can't say if it's universal or not. I know that I certainly appreciate it. As far as avoiding insubs…

1 day ago

River Strong

@elainesnowden @wrathrodite @lindseycore It was tough to hear the calls from the inside on occasion. But it didn't…

1 day ago


@wrathrodite @lindseycore Insubs like this are really hard to quantify because there isn't an angle or a period of…

1 day ago

🎙PR Mageddon

@lindseycore From what I saw being there, quite a bit of the insubs were for skaters turning to leave the track whi…

1 day ago


Did anybody track the number of insubs over the weekend? Asking for a friend who is appalled that this is really su…

1 day ago

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