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Paulita Giraldo

EBOOK Download Licentiate (III) Exam Prep Workbook IC-14 Regulation of Insurance Business: 300 Model Practice Quest…

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Shannon Watts

Armed white men lynching Kentucky’s governor in effigy outside his home while children watch and Lee Greenwood blar…

1 month ago

Scott Dworkin

BREAKING: Baltimore’s mayor is asking Trump to not visit tomorrow: I’m asking “Trump to rethink his trip. It sends…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Sleepy Joe Biden (mostly his reps.) went crazy when I banned, in late January, people coming in from China. He call…

1 month ago

Nick DiCerbo, Jr.

RT @ericbolling: Dude! Your wife wants to be the #VP and btw- she happens to be the Governor who declared a stay at home order... Why in an…

1 month ago