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Beto O'Rourke

We're talking about a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, a court that will rule on voting right…

1 day ago

Project Veritas

Our investigation revealed federal employees abusing their positions in government talking openly of resisting, ove…

21 hours ago

Maggie Haberman

Huge scoop by ⁦@adamgoldmanNYT⁩ and ⁦@nytmike⁩ on Rod Rosenstein talking about secretly recording Trump and raising…

2 hours ago

self love and healing

RT @MThriving: If you know a #narcissist you know a hypocrite. Found in all walks of life & careers; narcs may be drawn to 'service' fields…

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RT @axoder: I don't want to hear you guys talking in my ear when I am singing — @ladygaga 😂 #ladygaga

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Michael Avenatti

There are well over 100 recordings highly relevant to many issues at the heart of the presidency. Cohen has them. A…

1 month ago

Boots Riley

My periodic reminder that some of the folks ur arguing w on Twitter are not real ppl. There r actual agents of the…

1 month ago

Kyle Griffin

Ex-federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman: Rudy Giuliani knows that "collusion" is just shorthand for potentially severa…

1 month ago

Annette Conley

RT @mkspearman77: Absolutely! Then, keep talking with them about what is loved and why!

1 month ago


@galaxyhighx Okay clearly that's NOT what I'm talking about.

1 month ago