Intelligence Quotient tweets


I told a bish today her intelligence quotient is below sea level... She said below what? #nuffsaid

7 years ago

Mitchell Ching

@OliviaMartrick @DianaMendoza_21 I mean....I like some of them. And I'm not TOO terribly low on the Intelligence Quotient scale.

7 years ago


iq Abbreviation Intelligence quotient. ^^ that's official

7 years ago

Brennan J. Bourne

Another two hour battery of multifarious verbal, mathematical, and other formal Intelligence Quotient testing. And the best part?

7 years ago

Jamiela Marie

"IQ" is "intelligence quotient" on a paper lol

7 years ago

Andrew Davidson

@laurenreeves My IQ is my intelligence quotient.

7 years ago

Olivia Smith

you seriously have the intelligence quotient of a turkey sandwich.

7 years ago

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