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Invisible Children

Brilliant, bold women are key players to every part of our violence prevention and recovery programs in #DRC &…

1 week ago

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Millions of children are still invisible in education data. Only with #BetterData, the world can make a differenc…

2 days ago

eric a johnson

RT @jdpowerX3: @MurphyCartoons There are also the invisible homeless: the families with children, living in vacant houses and cars. No food…

2 minutes ago

Sian Wyman

RT @eunice_lumsden: Absolutely, sometimes we forget we are paid & choose to work with children & families. They do not choose us. We need t…

7 minutes ago

Alfredo Tomato Garbanzo

@Pastor_Gabe No thanks dude. You can keep your invisible sky daddy that gives cancer to children and makes people s…

35 minutes ago