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Beast Mode: Trump Just Destroys Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo After Night of 'Purge'-Like Violence in NY

15 hours ago


Cuomo: Trump is 'calling out the American military against American citizens'; Victor Davis Hanson Sets Him Straight

18 hours ago

Al Jazeera News

South Africa's gov't said it was studying a High Court decision declaring its COVID-19 restrictions as unconstituti…

14 hours ago


RT @ocrybit: ❎ 訂正 SIS => SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) (暴論)国家政府にすら個人情報を渡さ- ない未来を😎 Jolocom Arag- on…

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億ラビットくん 🇬🇪 長澤 智也

❎ 訂正 SIS => SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) (暴論)国家政府にすら個人情報を渡さ- ない未来を😎 Jolocom Arag- on…

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Michelangelo Signorile, subscribe to my newsletter

Per MSNBC, the anti-government protestors are targeting Gov. Northam *because* he is a doctor, saying that makes hi…

1 month ago

Senator Rand Paul

The one thing that will get our economy going again: reopening! We can’t continue printing bailout money. It’s not…

1 month ago

Ana Paula Henkel

Uma jornalista chamando um presidente legitimamente eleito de golpista e pedindo que o derrubem. Depois aparecem ch…

1 month ago


RT @colabo_yumeno: 共同通信の記事、英語版です。 》The spread of the novel coronavirus and a government request to the public to refrain from going outside…

1 month ago

Robin Cant

RT @NAJ562: Boris Johnson Pm: Ensure Sir Richard Branson sells private assets before being bailed out by the Government. - Sign the Petitio…

1 month ago