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Roberto Saviano

Affronterò la querela del Ministro della Mala Vita a testa alta. Dobbiamo mettere i nostri corpi a difesa della Cos…

3 weeks ago

Phil Lester

GREETING. We're going to do a live show on Rize later (around 9PM UK time) we'll announce the winers of our big giv…

3 weeks ago

Matteo Salvini

Una copertina non impaurisce! Sto ricevendo tantissimi messaggi di sostegno e solidarietà sia da semplici fedeli ch…

3 weeks ago | #Cyprus #CyprusJournal Απέρριψε η Βουλή την αναπομπή του ΠτΔ για τη σύνταξη χηρείας στου…

3 weeks ago


"Ho messo via un bel pò di cose, ma non mi spiego mai il perché, io non riesca a metter via te…" #clario

3 weeks ago

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Adam Schiff

This dangerous move by Trump Admin to cater to the NRA poses a grave threat to public safety by making it possible…

3 weeks ago

Steven Portnoy

As today's radio pooler, I was in the Oval Office with @kaitlancollins, heard her questions, thought they were good…

3 weeks ago

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Okay, liberals, we have received from you the following message: “We’re hysterical, childish vandals! Put us in cha…

3 weeks ago


Team pas de clim au bureau

3 weeks ago