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Shannon Watts

A Boulder white supremacist was stopped from buying a gun because a background check determined he was a prohibited…

1 month ago

Dan Bongino

Bernie Sanders believes out-of-touch government bureaucrats can make better healthcare decisions for your family th…

1 month ago

Jennifer Rubin

every story and headline about Barr claiming irregularities at Bureau of Prisons facility should include "that reports to him"

1 month ago

Tad Draconian

@ZeteticEl @DavidDPaxton @twlldun This probably says more about me but my biggest problem with it is the idea of a…

1 month ago


RT @jtanddafab5: @BernieSanders But Bernie, some of us prefere to be free and independent, not on welfare. I’d rather be broke living in a…

1 month ago