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John Bolton

The United States will use its economic tools to constrict the ability for Maduro and his cronies to access financi…

2 weeks ago

Rudy Giuliani

Who first said “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” That surely explains the expan…

1 week ago

PMO India

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi had again initiated the auctioning of gifts he received till then in 2015. 8.33 crore…

2 weeks ago


RT @Emil_Lezak: EU is investing €1 billion in R&I over 3 years of @EU_H2020 to support #CircularEconomy @FP9_EU @EU…

1 week ago


RT @Alra3ees: Path traversal- LFI tools and payloads collection:-…

1 week ago