Jack tweets


My pockets stay fat like jack black but if I go broke imma jack whites


7 years ago

Kiera Wooden

Morning w/out: 150 faux jump ropes, 15x squats w/ DB press & calf raises, pushups, lunges w/ DB press, wall sit bicep curls, jack knives********


7 years ago

Frankie Morrissey

@Jack_is_bestest I'll ask the madre to get you one aswell then x


7 years ago

*CtC Shemiah ♥

Woke up in an awesome mood ! & I'm expecting my Gram to come home today !! God is good** **


7 years ago

Alex England

@Thomas_Rafferty haha cheers mate, has that clumsy oath jack found my phone yet! WEST HAM 2-1!!!!!!!!! buzzing


7 years ago

carolyn browning

now that we watch Duck Dynasty, all my mom ever wants to say is "hey" & "Jack." shes turning into the female version of Si. omg.


7 years ago

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