Jacks tweets

Gabrielle Edolisa

@flirvine sorry but i have called you back twice now, you'e gunna have to fb me if you need me from now on jacks going out and i h8 my fone


7 years ago

Tupac Shakur

Jacks staying tonight


7 years ago

Des Gavin

Be very afraid...the Jacks are coming to a place near you


7 years ago

Soso Loso

Lol This a real question? RT “@ItsAlwaysAida: They still make apple jacks?!?!!"Omarioff: Big ol' bowl of apple jacks & sportscenter ...”


7 years ago

Ybot Renrut

@FebDrew18Lils actually I accidentally called you he just hung up for me and left a voicemail lol


7 years ago

Kevin R Moe

@moek481028 Get your blue on Jackrabbit fans! Beat those Bison! Go Jacks!


7 years ago

The Fireman

Even though Wales lost, the mighty jacks didnt let me down #jackarmy


7 years ago

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