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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

Hallie Scruggs, 9 years old. Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9 years old. William Kinney, 9 years old. Congressman Tim Burchett…

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David Hogg ☮️

When asked what we can do congressman Tim Burchett said “we’re not gonna fix it”. Every parent in America should w…

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When voters elect politicians, we expect them to try their hardest to fix our most pressing issues. On gun violenc…

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el🌱| DJJ debut 🔜🎉

RT @hadherraa: no, its not wrong to crave companionship from time to time but it aint right to centre ur whole life around it. life is so m…

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RT @jisoobest: JISOO's Spotify profile doesnt show up when you search her name, please fix it @ygent_official @BLACKPINK @SpotifyKpop @Spot…

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