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Maximilian Dood

It's finally happened! With the help of @TiffanyMayCry @brunty023 and @itotweets_ , our crazy clips finally have a…

2 weeks ago


Netflix is the new home of the #SAGAwards. The 2023 ceremony will stream live on Netflix's YouTube page.

2 weeks ago


U.S. consumer prices rise at slowest annualized pace in 14 months

2 weeks ago

vegdane Iran

RT @womenncri: Also, Reyhaneh Pakzad, Zahedan resident and women’s swimming coach, was arrested at her home on January 3, 2023, by IRGC int…

2 weeks ago


RT @peters1d: “살면서 마지막까지 함께할 사람이 있으면 좋겠다.”라고들 합니다. 여러분 주위에는 누가 계신지요? 오늘 복음에서 예수님께서 카파르나움의 한 집에 들어가시자 동네사람들이 문 앞까지 꽉 차게 그분께 다가옵니다. 중풍병자의 지인…

2 weeks ago